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August 21, 2011

~ Lyric ~ Super Junior - 결투 Feels Good

Feels Good (x4)

*sigani onda Feels Good, Feels Good seungbureul geonda Feels Good, Feels Good
matbuteo bonda Feels Good, Feels Good geunyeoga bonda Feels Good, Feels Good

chamgo chamgo chamasseo gasoropgo useupda samjadaemyeonhagi jeone gyeoltusincheong hario
twinggyeo twinggyeo nagatda ije waseo geunyeowa maejeojineun sungan dasi maedallineun geoni neo

geugeon naega hal sorigo nega geunyeol norigo kkumyeonaen seutorigo
meotdaero gulji ma jeogi geunyeoga baro naui Love
eojju jabattegin deutgi jigyeopda baeteonaeneun Lie Lie Lie Lie


darko darko darhatdeon jajonsimi geollyeotda nega mandeun bigeuk soge saranameul najiman
dugodugo bogesseo chisahage namjaga hanibeuro du malhamyeon eotteon gyeollon naneunji

geunyeomanui seontaegeun imi naega romio (x3)
imi naega romio (naui poro)

Rap> pokpungjeonya durui nunssaum deo keuge beonjyeo gajima nae mam chakjaphae geochimeobsi wae irae
tto sasohan ire moksum geolgo datuji ma Hot Hot Hot Like Fire geunyeoga nugunde waedeul geurae


han bal du bal geotdaga gateun sigan doraseo nae maeumeul gyeonugoseo eodi hanbeon kkeokkeobwa
dul jung hanan yeogiseo mureup kkurnneun geu sungan miryeon ttawin beorigoseo namjadapge tteonanda

English Translation :

Feels Good (x4)

*The time is coming
Feels good, feels good
I will have my victory
Feels good, feels good
I will tackel this
Feels good, feels good
She is watching
Feels good feels good

I tried so so hard to be patient
This is so ridiculous and funny
Before we have our three-person confrontation
Sign up for the fight
It bounced bounced away
The moment that you could have had with her
Are you going to cling onto her again?

That's what I want to say
That's the story you made up to get her
Don't be so cocky- she is my love
Stop playing innocent- I'm sick of your lies
All you say are lie lie lie lies


Did your pride that wore out finally get to you?
In this tragedy that you made up, I will be the one to survive but
I want to see how you end up
You're such a cheapshot for a guy
Let's see what happens when you talk of two different things with one mouth

Her choice is already made- I'm her Romeo (x3)
I'm already Romeo (My prisoner)

It's the calm before the storm
This battle of the eyes- don't make it a bigger deal than it is
I'm so confused, why're you so unhindered?
Don't fight over trivial things
Hot hot hot like fire
Who is she for you guys to act like this?


Take one step and two steps and turn around at the same time
Take an aim at my heart and let's see if you can overturn it
The moment that one of us has to kneel before the other-
You have to leave all the past behind and take your leave like a man

Hangul :

Feels Good (x4)

*시간이 온다 Feels Good, Feels Good 승부를 건다 Feels Good, Feels Good
맞붙어 본다 Feels Good, Feels Good 그녀가 본다 Feels Good, Feels Good

참고 참고 참았어 가소롭고 우습다 삼자대면하기 전에 결투신청 하리오
튕겨 튕겨 나갔다 이제 와서 그녀와 맺어지는 순간 다시 매달리는 거니 너

그건 내가 할 소리고 네가 그녈 노리고 꾸며낸 스토리고
멋대로 굴지 마 저기 그녀가 바로 나의 Love
어쭈 잡아떼긴 듣기 지겹다 뱉어내는 Lie Lie Lie Lie


닳고 닳고 닳았던 자존심이 걸렸다 네가 만든 비극 속에 살아남을 나지만
두고두고 보겠어 치사하게 남자가 한입으로 두 말하면 어떤 결론 나는지

그녀만의 선택은 이미 내가 로미오 (x3)
이미 내가 로미오 (나의 포로)

Rap> 폭풍전야 둘의 눈싸움 더 크게 번져 가지마 내 맘 착잡해 거침없이 왜 이래
또 사소한 일에 목숨 걸고 다투지 마 Hot Hot Hot Like Fire 그녀가 누군데 왜들 그래


한 발 두 발 걷다가 같은 시간 돌아서 내 마음을 겨누고서 어디 한번 꺾어봐
둘 중 하난 여기서 무릎 꿇는 그 순간 미련 따윈 버리고서 남자답게 떠난다 

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