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December 09, 2011

~ Lyric ~ 2PM - Destiny [ Jap+Rom+Eng+Aud ]


失えば Heartache
悔やんでも Too late
つかみ取れ Freedom
いまその手を Hold on
走り出せ Tonight
確かめた Two hearts
ためらわず Go on
永遠まで Move on
Crazy 常識の呪縛を
For U 脱ぎ捨てて 飛び込む夢夢夢
Crazy 新しい世界へ
For U 連れてゆく これは運命運命運命
一言でchange the new world
旅立ち たちまち方向 動かす衝動
縛られてたpride 脱ぎ捨てるのさtoo high
運命を今君と 永遠の結び糸
So you say
Crazy 壁を越えひとつに
For U 溶けあえる ぼくらの夢夢夢
Crazy 加速する鼓動が
For U 振り切れる これは運命運命運命
時を待つより いまを感じていたい
君に出逢い 間違いない
つなげて 未知の未来の虹を
move in on 不安はいっそ
消して let me go 運命さ二人で さぁ行こう
出会いは儚く 消えてゆくだけ…
Crazy 新しい世界へ
For U 連れてゆく
すべては運命 運命 運命


Ushinaeba Heartache

Kuyandemo Too late
Tsukamitore Freedom
Ima sonote o Hold on

Hashiridase Tonight

tashikameta Two hearts
Tamerawazu Go on
Eien made Move on

Jiyuu e …

Crazy joushiki no jubaku o
For U nugisutete tobikomu yume yume yume
Crazy atarashii sekai e
For U tsureteyuku koreha unmei unmei unmei

Mune furuwasu uruwashii kimi no

hitokoto de change the new world
Tabidachi tachimachi houkou ugokasu shoudou
Shibarareta pride nugisuterunosa too high
Unmei o ima kimi to eien no musumi ito

Afureru jounetsu ga

mune o tsuki ogokasu

[WY/JS] Moraru ga nanto iouto
[WY/JS] futari wa tomerarenai

So you say

Crazy kabe o koe hitotsu ni
For U tokeaeru bokura no yume yume yume
Crazy kasoku suru kodou ga
For U furikireru kore wa unmei unmei unmei

Toki o matsu yori ima o kanjiteitai

Tatoe nani o nakushitemo

Tamashii hikiai finally

kimi ni deai machigainai
Ashiato o ashita to kyou
tsunegete michi no mirai no niji o
move in on fuan wa isso
Tobasou sora no chiri to
keshite let me go unmei sa futari de saa ikou

Yurusarenai toiunara

Deai wa hakanaku kieteyuku dake…
Crazy atarashii seikai e
For U tsureteyuku
Subete wa unmei unmei unmei

If you lose – heartache
Too late to regret
Grab the freedom
Hold on onto that hand now

Take off running tonight

The real two hearts
Don’t hesitate and Go on
Move on forever

Towards the freedom

Crazy Break the spell of the common sense
Throw it away for yourself, and jump into a dream dream dream
Crazy I will take you
For U To the new world, this is destiny destiny destiny

Change the new world with your

beautiful words that shake my heart
Departure, urge to move quickly towards that direction, temptation
You’ve been tied up by your pride, take if off and throw it too high
We’re tied forever in the same destiny together

The overflowing passion,

prickles at the heart
No matter what they might say,
nothing can stop us now

So you say

Crazy –Our dream will be
For U –Melting the walls together
Crazy my heart is beating faster
For U I can shake it away, this is destiny destiny destiny

I’d rather live the moment than wait for the right time

Even if I lose something

Two souls have met finally;

meeting you was definitely the right thing
Footsteps of today and tomorrow are linking
to the unknown rainbow of the future
Move in on Forget the anxiety
Fly up into the sky, let me go,
it’s a destiny so let’s go together

If you say it’s unacceptable

The meaning of our meeting will disappear with a smoke…
It cannot happen
Crazy – I will take you
For U – to the new world
Everything is destiny destiny destiny

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