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September 09, 2011

~ Lyric ~ Masaharu Fukuyama 福山 雅治 - Kazoku ni Narou yo [ Eng ]

Even after a hundred years have passed, please continue to like me"
In front of everyone, making it difficult for you
Even so, you smiled for me
Thank you for choosing me

No matter how much we trust each other
There are some things we can't understand
Because that solitude and need for living intimately ('yorisoi' is an adverb to 'ikiru' so I think it should be 'to live intimately')
might be what it is to love... ('aisuru koto kamo shirenaikara')

Someday, with a wide back like a father
Someday, with the quiet kindess of a mother
let's become a family
that will get by whatever happens

When I was young, my body was weak and easily I would cry
All along I only know how to strive for my own self
[And I didn't know how to be filial]

Tomorrow's "me", even if there is not much difference
I hope to step by step from being someone who is always "given"
slowly become someone who is the "giver"

Someday, with a quiet strength like Grandfather
Someday, with an adorable smile like Grandmother
If it's with you, I can live on
Let's become a pair like that

Someday, with a boy who has your smiling face
Someday, with a girl who is a crybaby like me
let's become a family
that will get by whatever happens

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